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Who We Are

Welcome to VantagePoint Laboratory Partners. The Best Just Got Better. VPL, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a medical laboratory testing company offering a full range of esoteric and clinical tests.

We provide thorough medical testing throughout the United States providing the most advanced and accurate test procedures and results.

VantagePoint Laboratory Partners is committed to quality and professionalism, while providing very friendly and timely service at the point of care.

VPL is made up of specialists in a wide variety of laboratory disciplines and we are accredited through CLIA. VPL contracts with physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers to provide outsourced laboratory testing services for their patients.

What Our Patients are Saying:

Today was wonderful! The technician was extremely nice and very welcoming. She livened up the room and brightened the day for both my mom and I. - Catherine 1/18/2012

Fantastic! The technician was very gracious and calming, especially with her care in helping me with my fear of needles. - Jonny 1/19/2012