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Call 888.VANTAGE (888.826.8243)   

  • Let us know you are calling for a VantagePoint pick-up
  •  Provide your account number and/or location and contact person 
  • Specimen type
  •  Is it an acute / STAT case?  
Our friendly and professional courier staff will often be glad to give you their cell phone number for quick and personalized pick-up services.
Contact your VPL Representative, let your friendly courier know, or call 888.VANTAGE (888.826.8243) to order:

  • Customized test requisition order forms
  • Specimen kits for transit via courier or national shipment
  • RPMI
  • Specimen bags
  • EDTA tubes
  • Heparin tubes
  • Tiger-top tubes
  • Urine containers
  • Formalin
  • Slides
  • Please let us know if there any other supplies VPL can provide to assist you and your patients with other services.
Completing the test requisition form correctly can be tricky, but filling out all the necessary information can save time later and help relay all the proper information regarding your patient’s clinical history, diagnosis, testing needs, billing and more for proper processing.

Here is a guide and quick reference for completing the test requisitions: 

The patients should come first and getting to the most specific diagnosis and treatment is of utmost importance.  Our hemepaths and pathologists are available to speak with you for consultations and guidance and/or collaboration on cases.  

For questions regarding additional testing not found on the test requisition forms or any other services, we would be happy to assist.  Please contact your Representative or call Client Services.

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Requisition & Specimen Kits

Please call 888.826.8243 to order customized test requisition order forms, specimen kits and all other supplies.

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