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Who We Are?

At VPL, we understand that speed and accuracy of results are paramount to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. All of our systems are designed to deliver unprecedented turnaround time and quality of results. When combined with our superior customer service, competitive pricing and state of the art technology, VantagePoint Laboratory Partners offers customers a new choice worth exploring.

Why Choose Us?

All in One

We provide services including; oncology diagnostic & prognostic testing, specialized cardiovascular assays & panels, routine chemistry, dermat0logy, GI and GU.  As a healthcare provider VPL will service all of your testing needs.  VPL provides TC/PC Flow Cytometry, consultations with other pathologists and the opportunity to partner with other labs and pathology groups.


Would you like to speak directly to the hematopathologist that is working on your patient’s case?  Our hemepaths are here to collaborate on patient diagnosis and outcomes.  Whether it is a tough diagnosis or an opinion on further testing, they are one phone quick call away.

Testing Done Better

Revolutionary advancements have been made with the use of 10-color flow cytometry. It provides exponentially more information than 3- or 4- color methodologies and over 60% more than 6-color flow for an easier diagnosis and improved monitoring for your patients with leukemia and lymphoma. More data is gathered using 10-color flow in a shorter amount of time. Among the many benefits is a decreased turnaround time on your results. At VantagePoint Laboratory Partners your results are back within less than a day from the time we receive the sample. And 10-color methodology generates more precise data with less sample, so we can often provide results on those patients where obtaining larger specimen volume is not possible. There is also an increased accuracy in population identification and higher resolution of weakly expressed antigens. 10-color flow has the ability to discern populations of cells that either co-express and/or lack expression of different antigens. An increased ability to detect abnormal cells results in a more accurate diagnosis. Utilizing 10-color flow cytometry is the clear and right choice for you and your patients.



We are hiring!

If you’re looking for a career that offers opportunities for growth, continual development, professional challenge and the chance to make a real difference, contact VantagePoint Laboratory.
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