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[wel-nis] /ˈwɛl nɪs/

1.the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to
emphasizing treating diseases.

Our Cardiovascular Panel can predict and prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke with a simple blood and urine test. Beyond the traditional lipid panel with genetic testing, inflammation markers and advanced lipid tests.
If caught early enough, heart disease can be prevented in just about all patients.
-Paul Ziajka, MD, PhD., Florida Lipid Institute, President elect Southeastern Lipid Society, author of 5 textbooks on lipid management.
What you and your doctor need to know about testing for heart disease:
The 40-year-old lipid panel utilized by the majority of physicians to assess the risk of heart disease is accurate in predicting risk only 40% of the time, and has no ability to identify risk of stroke. Today, newer tests and drugs are key to identifying and successfully treating the specific causes for both heart attack and stroke.
The advanced technology to assess the risk of heart disease and stroke is now available at WPML:
  • Advanced risk markers for both heart attack and stroke.
  • Tests for arterial inflammation and rupture prone plaque.
  • Genetic testing to assess your risk and to optimize treatment by predicting your response to specific drugs, types of diet and exercise.
  • Personalized therapy guide based on your personal risks to assist physicians with the full scope of therapies to treat the specific causes of these risks.
Ask your physician about Advanced Cardiovascular testing from

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